MONDAY, 12/3 “Sports Day” -$1 *favorite player/team

TUESDAY, 12/4 “Hat Day”=$1 *sports, crazy, etc.

WEDNESDAY, 12/5 “Dress Like One of Your Favorite Staff Members Day”= $1

THURSDAY, 12/6 “Blue Out Day” *current BB shirt OR any blue shirt 

-with uniform pants=FREE

-with jeans=$1

*2:15-3:00- Basketball Teams’ Spirit Walk-Thru & Pep Rally

*Homecoming Game @ Sharp Academy

-Girls Play @ 6:00/ Boys Play @ 7:00

-Admission= $3/adult & $1/students

-Concession Available

FRIDAY, 12/7 “Throwback Friday” (Staff Only)

*dress like you did in HS= FREE

*3:45-4:45- BB Players v. Staff Game

-$1= Admission

 -Concession Available

Image of Hand Drawn Harmony Tiger Holding a Basketball