"I'm thankful for my family and friends." says Snoopy. "Me too!" says Woodstock. Happy Thanksgiving!

HSA Students’ “Family Thanksgiving Lunch” 

*Thursday, 11/15

*(After family members sign-in at the Front Office, they will walk down to the Cafeteria, get their food, and find a place to sit.  If this occurs BEFORE or AFTER their child/children’s class eats lunch that day, the Front Office will call the classroom(s) of all student(s) who will be joining their family, letting them know to go down to the Cafeteria to get their lunch, and join their family members.)

*10:30am-12:00pm- PreK-3rd Grade Students & Families

*11:30am-1:00pm- 4th-8th Grade Students & Families

*All enrolled HSA students eat for FREE!