Dear Parent/Guardian,

The first day of meal distribution for the 20-21 school year will be Friday, August 14th from 4 pm-5:30 pm for HSA-Lubbock students who are enrolled in virtual learning as part of the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program. If you have child/ren enrolled in HSA, you will pick up your student meals from HSA Lubbock Campus according to the schedule below. 

The following meal distribution will be Monday, August 17th from 4 pm-5:30pm. Meal distribution will be every Monday and Thursday from 4 pm-5:30 pm thereafter. Only those students enrolled as Harmony students will be eligible to participate.

Date to Pick Up Meals Given Time
Friday, August 14

(one time only)

Monday B & L 4pm-5:30pm
Monday, August 17 Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday B & L 4pm-5:30pm
Thursday, August 20 Friday and Monday B & L 4pm-5:30pm
B=Breakfast Meal

L=Lunch Meal



Parents or guardians may only pick up meals for children in their guardianship.  


  • At the designated date and time, parents will approach the pickup zone and wait for cafeteria staff to approach the driver side window. Students are not required to be in the vehicle.
  • If parents/students walk to the distribution site, follow school staff instructions to pick up meals at the designated table.  Please maintain 6 foot social distance from others in line and school staff.  Masks must be worn at all times.
  • When a parent or guardian arrives to pick up a meal without a child, they will need to present one of the following items:
      • Official Letter/email from school listing children enrolled at the campus 
      • Student ID number 
      • Student ID cards 
  • The parent will roll down their window (masks are required), or approach the table when called, and cafeteria staff will maintain appropriate social distance. The parent will tell the cafeteria staff their child’s ID number, show the ID card, or show the official letter/email for each child who attends that school.  Once enrollment is verified, the student or parent may select their meals.  Only one breakfast and one lunch may be selected from each day offered.  
  • The student/parent may select one milk for each meal purchased.  Selections include white milk, chocolate milk, or no milk.  Milks will be placed in a bag and tied closed.
  • The parent will open their trunk and the bags of meals and milk will be placed in their trunk.
  • If they have walked to the distribution site, they will approach the table when called and pick up their meals.  Tables will be sanitized between uses. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with your lunch application please contact your child nutrition assistant, Mrs. Ramos at

Thank you!

Harmony Science Academy- Lubbock