Harmony Science Academy (HSA) – Lubbock is excited to announce the appointment of Yunus Bicici as the new principal for the 2020-2021 school year.
Mr. Bicici started his teaching career as a Science and Biology teacher in 2002. He continued teaching in Dallas at HSA-Dallas until 2006. Then, moved to New Orleans where he was an Assistant Principal for four years. He then moved to Oklahoma City and was a campus principal for 6 years, until 2017 when he decided to move back to Texas. He moved to El Paso and rejoined Harmony Public Schools as an AP at Harmony School of Innovation-El Paso. After two years there, he was promoted to the director of academics for the El Paso district and will now be moving to Lubbock as the principal for HSA-Lubbock. Mr. Bicici holds a Master’s degree in Biology Education and Educational Administration.
“I am very excited and eager to serve the Lubbock community as principal of HSA-Lubbock,” said Mr. Bicici. “I look forward to meeting and building relationships with the community members, students, parents, and teachers as we all work together to reach our school goals as a team. I always believe that hard work and dedication will bring us success.”